Friday, April 9, 2010


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
―Lao Tzu

simply stated, but certainly tells a deeper truth not only about nature, but the possibilities of human nature. particularly the nature of emotional healing--you cant hurry it in any way. if you try to push the fast forward button, you almost will certainly have to rewind and do over the parts you tried to rush through.
in the church, we hear a lot about the "Lord's time table." he created all things perfectly and they all have a season-nothing is rushed. 9 months to make a baby. a summer to grow corn. seems like we get into trouble when we try to rush such things or circumvent the process.
i recently watched two movies on netflix(love 'watch instantly') called "Food Inc." and "King Corn". while they talk about a lot of different things regarding modern farming and how it affects how we eat as a nation, one of the things that really struck me was how they(farmers, scientists, etc) have found ways to speed the process. there are chemical companies who have patented seeds , yes, SEEDS. how in the hell did that happen? the company(forget the name now) actually hires private investigators to find out if farmers are using any other seeds besides the patented ones-if they are-the company that holds the patent sues the farmer-essentially ruining them financially.
i recommend both of those movies. they are real eye openers. they also list very doable things that every person can do to make a difference.
we have different guides for our emotional natures. we all rush. shoot for the quick fix as opposed to doing the hard work that will heal us instead of just putting a band aid on a gaping chest wound.
i have generously mocked the part of our culture that rushes things. mormons are famous for meeting and marrying in extremely short periods of time. we are attempting to shortcut something that is meant to last for an eternity. its no wonder that the divorce rate in the church is almost as high as the national average.
the youngsters, generally speaking, want to rush things so they can "legally" have sex. i think that applies to us geezers as well, but there is so much additional baggage-wounds from past relationships, kids, and addictions that we have to consider. is it worth rushing into a marriage that will solve an immediate need for romance and companionship if you quickly discover that the person you married is addicted to pornography? not all examples are that extreme, but even less detrimental differences need time to be negotiated and resolved.
good things are worth the wait. and the work.


  1. Deep thoughts indeed. I think as long as we are doing what the Lord wants us to do we won't fail. But I agree that not rushing is generally a good idea.

  2. i dont think we will fail ultimately, but there are certainly failures along the line-even if you are following the commandments.