Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cougar season in the grocery store

saw the yummiest guy in the grocery store. tall. dressed casual, but not sloppy. did i say tall? the cutest wavy sandy brown hair and slightly tan like he had just spent the weekend working in the backyard or fishing or something equally manly and outdoorsy. then i noticed the gun in the holster hanging from his belt. off duty law enforcement? why is that so freaking attractive(more on that later)? did i mention how tall he is? he had a little girl in the cart, but no wedding ring(just like me, had my 4 yr old niece with me). we were checking each other out in a civilized way-no lewd club type gawking. he was young. MAYBE 30. sigh. we were in different lines, but ended up out in the parking lot around the same time-i noticed how he was a total pro at getting the little girl into the car seat. no fumbling at all. i like that a lot. one last glance and i drove away. i can be pretty bold, but there is NO WAY i am walking up to a man with a child-he could just be one of those guys who doesnt wear a wedding ring OR is living with a woman he is madly in love with without the benefit of marriage. oh yeah- the case of michelob light in his car was a slight deterrent.


  1. Too bad! Better luck next time.

  2. I've had that feeling before. It's like pulling up to a red light and realizing there's an attractive girl, alone, in the car next to you. You look away because you don't want to stare, then you look back and she's putting a cigarette up to her lips.