Sunday, February 6, 2011


Twenty years ago it was important to stress the right to sexual expression and far less important to underline a woman’s right to reject male advances; now it is even more important to stress the right to reject penetration by the male member, the right to safe sex, the right to chastity, the right to defer physical intimacy until there is irrefutable evidence of commitment,

as quoted in chastened by hephzibah anderson from the female unich by germaine greer

The fact of the matter is, it's very difficult to tell love from passion. My advice to anyone who doesn't feel sure of the difference between them is either to give them both up or quit trying to split hairs.
quoted in chastened. by eb white and james thurber is sex necessary?

for the most part- i found chastened hard to follow and kind of stupid, but i really liked the above quotes. she also made a nod to one of the popular "modest is hot" clothing stores where she bought a new "chaste" wardrobe for her experiment.
the short interview with john cobert of comedy central was way more interesting than the book.


  1. You touch on a interesting topic, what is love? I guess you kind of need to define what you feel love is, to me it is seperate and distinct from passion. It's one thing for a young twentysomething to confuse love with passion, with more experience I would think the difference between the two would be clearer.

  2. i agree.
    i am definitely out of my 20's, but i find myself having to keep figuring out what love is. sigh.
    the difference is certainly clearer, but the desire for both has not diminished.