Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day :(

feeling sad. dick and i had plans, but he broke up with me. he would have gotten his card on saturday and i havent heard anything from him. its so hard when reality is so contrary to what your heart tells you. what you feel that the spirit is telling you. patience and faith. endure to the end. sigh.
hope you are all in love and getting flowers and chocolates and holiday sex :)
waiting on a sister missionary and ashley...i hope its a good day despite recent break ups. too bad we all dont live near each other, we could have a great night out forgetting our bruised and banged up hearts.


  1. Don't trust the mail!

    Just when you think you know when it will get there, you're wrong.

    It's 3PM here, my mail hasn't come, maybe he hasn't received it yet.

    As for my Valentines day plans? Video games all night with the Brother, this is the last V-day before he can date, might as well make the most!

  2. funny that you say that, the only other time i mailed him anything it got lost for a few days. you might be right.
    i have no plans! enjoy video games. cant wait to hear how hannah responds to your letter.

  3. sorry you haven't heard back from him! PDH and I broke up right around V-day last year. Sucks!

  4. it does suck, but i am doing ok. a little blue around the edges. sorry about your break up last year...there is something about the holidays, i swear.