Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day memories

i dont have a ton. tgws always did something nice. i think there was at least one time that i got a dozen roses. mr soldier of fortune never forgot, but there isnt much i remember. a mini rose bush here and tacky piece of lingerie there. mr nice guy was always sweet. mr ex man and i were never speaking on a valentines day. i remember one year(i was just looking at facebook and someone did something similar, so it jogged my memory)i wrote i love you in lipstick on mr soldier of fortunes car window and kissed it a few times for good measure. on the seat was some appropriate gift from the local hot rod shop. he loved it. anybody have any fun stories to tell about silly stuff they did on valentines day for their luv-ah?
oh yeah-i just remembered something i did for tgws-we were still in high school and somehow i was able to get my entire family out of the house(that was a major feat)and i cooked him a romantic steak dinner and made cheesecake(his favorite)for dessert. he loved it.


  1. smc. come spend my awesome valetines watching chick flicks with me. If not HAPPY V-day!

  2. somehow your comment got lost and i just found it today-sorry for the delay. i would have loved to hang out and watch chick flicks with you! hope your day was a good one.