Saturday, February 12, 2011


today i got a random compliment from one of my friends kids. an 18 year old young man told his mother how good i looked. she asked him why he didnt tell me himself. he said that he would, but then went in his room and shut the door. she told me as she walked me out to my car after we spent the day together. we laughed at the oddness of a guy noticing his mothers friend-i am sure i qualify as an old lady to him, but the compliment was sincere. nice little ego boost since i have been feeling kind of invisible.


  1. I've thought the same thoughts. I'm always aware of women who demonstrate how I want my future wife to look at age x.

  2. really? interesting...this might be the case with this kid. his mom(my friend)is against all beauty type efforts. hates makeup and doing anything with her hair. she is clean and well groomed, but no make up and hair always in a bun. i have known her for years and i used to tease her, telling her that her sons(she has no daughters)will go for the glamour girls. guess what! they did! its kind of hilarious.