Thursday, February 3, 2011


is that bad? i have been told i am "authentic". gives this definition:
not false or copied; genuine; real

seems good, right? 2 different men i have dated have used this as a reason that a relationship with me would be difficult or impossible.
"you are too authentic." is what one man said. dont remember what the other said, but it was something similar.
i never set out to be "authentic" per se, but i did make a conscious decision not to play games, be coy, or a tease. i tried to temper my "hard core" law of chastity stance with a little humor in order to "prove" i was not inexperienced or a prude.
there were times that i thought this method was a spectacular success, but, alas, no.
is someone who is "authentic" scary? do the high maintenance head games have to be present for it to be interesting and worth it for a guy? just asking.


  1. I believe if we ever met in real life we would be friends. I get the wow you really are down to earth and awesome... I now know why guys are intimidated dating you..

  2. intimidating! thats what the other guy said. i was so authentic it was intimidating. sigh.
    i think we would be friends too. :)

  3. I've been told I'm a genuine person by girls I've dated, maybe that's a bad thing too? I don't really think that being "authentic" would be a bad thing.

    That's pretty funny, I would always tease Hannah about being "prude-y", usually after jokingly requesting something completely over the line in my best serious voice and face.

  4. i am a tad racy for the really straight laced guys and have only been called a prude by those who have been shot down for sex.
    there almost seems to be a distrust when someone is "authentic"-like it cant be real and the other shoe is going to drop soon-better get out of town before that happens. sigh. i just dont know.

  5. Sounds like you're doing just fine -- washing out the losers who aren't worth your time because they just can't handle someone who is honest. It's not like you're being mean. Although it probably leaves you feeling a little like Diogenes with a lamp.

  6. i like the diogenes reference. :)
    no, i am not being mean, but it is discouraging that so many are "losers".