Friday, February 11, 2011

the new sonic upsell

i think sonic is training its employees to flirt. i went through the sonic drive through to get some hot chocolate and when i got to the window the handsome young(and i mean Y-O-U-N-G. like 16 or 17)man takes my money and says, "you look beautiful tonight are you on your way to a party or something?" i was floored. i did look nice- i was coming from a meeting at church and was dressed appropriately. nice, but definitely not party wear. i managed to take the compliment gracefully-thanked him, shot sparkles out of the baby blues and drove off with my hot chocolate.
when i told my friends this story, they were convinced he was just trying to get me to buy some tots or a route 44. imagine 3, 40 something women making sonic tater tots sound like the dirtiest thing ever. it was kind of hilarious.

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