Sunday, February 27, 2011

getting sucked in

i have a new calling and part of it is to be a little involved with the single adult "community". for those of you who are unfamiliar or not lds or both or one or the other or just want to know...
when a person turns 18 in the lds faith they generally go to a young single adult ward. if there isnt one available, they might participate in different "fun" activities meant to encourage dating, pairing off, and eventually marriage. its a pretty effective system. most lds people are married off by time they are 21.
if you are a hold out, get divorced, or have the unfortunate circumstance of being widowed after the age of 30 you then "graduate" to single adult group. i heard someone call it the island of misfit toys(you know, rudolph the red nosed reindeer)and i thought that was the funniest and probably most accurate description ever.
they do pretty much the same activities as the young single adults, but its different somehow.
anyway. part of my responsibilities is to know what is going on-activities etc. today i found myself on a dance committee. WHAT THE F.. no, wait. i dont want to say that. well i do, but i wont because its not classy or righteous.
yes. i am on a dance committee. i really got sucked in and i was powerless to stop it. cant wait to see how it all turns out. sigh.
pray for me please.


  1. eww dance committee....

    fyi the ad on the side of your blog is encouraging me to meet local singles with bad perms and bra tops...

  2. were the ads showing pix or did you click and see those horrific things?

  3. You know, my Mom met my step-Dad at a Single Adult dance...

  4. are they reasonably well adjusted people? fairly happy?
    just about everyone i see who has met that way are kind of weird. sometimes totally weird and i dont mean in a quirky, fun way. i mean freaky issue people.
    your mom and step day probably arent much older than i am...
    i hope you dont think i am disparaging your parents. just leery. maybe they can be the one shining example that will lead to others.

  5. haha, I think they're normal for divorcees.

    They're a little older than you, my Mom went against the Mormon standard and didn't start having kids until she was 27, so they're a few years older than most of my friends parents.

    Of course they met at a BYU Single Adult stake dance. Not saying BYU makes it better, but I'm assuming that Provo is much more saturated with SA's which would likely increase your chances of finding a normal one.