Friday, August 6, 2010

day 19

19. a talent of mine

i dont have any of the usual "mormon girl" talents like singing or playing the piano.
i am sure if i asked someone else, they would be able to list at least 1 or 2, but i am drawing a blank. CRAP!
ok. i am a good photographer, mainly portrait photography.
AND i am very good with make up.
there. there are TWO that i feel comfortable copping to.


  1. jealous. I am so clueless with make-up.

  2. too bad we arent closer-i could clue you in. i am teaching a friend how to do the smokey eye thing this weekend. i have taken friends shopping and picked out their makeup and taught them how to use it. once someone guides you through it, its like a revelation. ok. maybe thats an overstatement, but you know what i am saying. :)

  3. You've forgotten to mention your talent for cooking. :)

  4. thanks! i ended up mentioning it as one of my hobbies, but i had totally blanked on it. why do we as women(particularly mormon women)sell ourselves so short? i really try not to do it, but it is obviously ingrained in me.