Monday, August 9, 2010

what day is it?

i forget the number. dang! i just looked it up, but got distracted. sigh. i am so bad with stuff like that. i think its...
21. a website

everyday food storage is a cool site. being single and all, i dont have the kind of food storage that families are commanded to have, BUT i have taken many tips from this site, recipes too and they are all good. even if you arent lds and dont have "food storage", you can still use her recipes and ideas. she really has taken old school food storage and made it more user friendly. i love her videos-she shows everything step by step.

island candle company

i picked up some of their stuff while i was in hawaii a few years ago and it is pretty amazing. all natural and effective and the die for. plumeria is my favorite, by far. one year, i had an island candle Christmas, where i bought everyones gift from there and had it shipped. everyone loved it.

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