Saturday, August 14, 2010

day 27

27. your month in detail.

blah. nothing horrible. nothing exciting. summer is not my favorite time of the year and it takes a lot of energy to beat the heat.

dealing with family illness-everything is okay now.

talking with mr great white north. he is nice, but it will probably end as it usually does. why did i answer the phone? a harmless distraction. he likes me and thinks i am cute.

my car needs washing in the worst way, but i am like the rain maker when i do that. we could be in the worst drought ever and i would break it by going to get my car washed.

i still need a pedicure. right now i am just doing damage control type maitenence.

i am getting really worn out from my calling, but i love it. being in the "loop" can really suck sometimes. people are really crazy.

i still believe in love and it has nothing to do with huey lewis.

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