Sunday, August 15, 2010

looks that kill

i am told that i have them. like i could kill you with a glance. its not intentional, but i have heard it often enough that there must be some truth to it. msof was the most vocally opposed to my "evil eyes". since i really didnt know what he was talking about(i dont give evil or mean looks on purpose)i asked him to explain. he said that i looked at him like everything he did was wrong and i was judging him for it. pretty heavy stuff.
a man in my ward(a friend, married)was joking with me and he told me that he would do whatever i told him to do just to avoid "the look".
"THE LOOK"? i really dont know how to manage it if i dont even know when i am doing it, but i need to figure something out.
maybe its how i am scaring all the cute boys away.
just thinking out loud.

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