Thursday, August 5, 2010

our songs

april wine, just between you and me
at the time, april wine was considered heavy metal(note the title of the album)and the rocker ballad was not as common as it is now or even when every hair band of the 80's started coming out with a ballad on each album. tgws got me this cassette for my birthday and i played it until i wore it out. he called me a few months ago when he heard it on the radio and it took us both back.

scorpions: no one like you
we never really had a song, but this song was popular when we were engaged and he was far away in the military. it talks about being separated and longing to be together, so i count it for blogging purposes.

mr southern gentleman:
garth brooks: baton rouge
mr southern gentleman traveled a lot for work and when this song came out he said it was reminiscent of how he called me(no rest stop pay phones, he had a cell)every hundred miles to check in and say "i love you". this song makes me happy. i just love it-even if it wasnt attached to my memories of him.

mr nice guy:
firehouse love of a lifetime
this was playing in the car when mr nice guy picked me up for our first date. he said it was the perfect song for us. maybe he meant his mother.

mr ex man:
there is a slew of them but the stand outs are: david bowie, absolute beginners or buck cherry im sorry. both brought me to tears when he sent them to me.

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