Monday, August 23, 2010

time to reconsider

maybe i just need to be single for the rest of my life. i dont always think this way, but now that i am on the dating site and the hilarity that is ensuing there...its just a mess. are my expectations too high? am i as weird as i think they are?

i got an email from a man who took each and every single point that i wrote on my profile and commented or questioned each item. kind of sarcastic and seemed to be challenging a lot of what i said, that was clearly meant to be tongue in cheek.i dont even want to write him back. it seems like to much to deal with.

instead of fun, romantic hi-jinx, its exhausting work. i keep trying to remember all the points from "marry him!" and its not too difficult since its turning out to basically be a book of prophecy. just about everything she wrote is coming true in my own experience.

i find that i dont have the nerves for this anymore. everything seems raw and i am on edge. kind of waiting for the sucker punch.

i wish i had more fun things to report. i did chat with one man 2 times. kind of funny, but odd. he was super flirty, but then seemed to have lost interest for no reason(that i can think of). i mean there was no dispute in our conversation or anything of a sensational nature.

i am such a whiney cry baby today.


  1. amen sister. Online dating is it's own breed of exhausting (in my opinion).

  2. Makes me feel odd about getting back into the dating world. OT1H, it sounds like it's a world that rather sucks. OTOH, with idiots like this around, I feel almost competitive.

    Yeah, nothing makes women's knees turn weak, guys, like cleverly showing how smart you are by making everything they say sound really stupid and funny so you laugh at it.

  3. midway-i totally agree with you. its just so odd and bizarre. i am thinking of converting to catholicism and becoming a nun. much easier.

    blain-compete for idiocy? :)

  4. Just chumming the waters. And I prefer to compete with idiocy -- anybody I can look like a catch relative to.