Tuesday, June 15, 2010


despite my allegiance to all things heavy metal during my high school years, i fell in love with crowded house. they are just so fun and smart. the original video for something so strong is adorable, but the ebedding was blocked on EVERY SINGLE VERSION on youtube, so i posted the live version. still good,but...
just hearing this song throws me back to when your coolness was measured by how nice(and how big) you cassette case was. mine was like a big brief case full of scorpions, def leppard, and motley crue and there was the lone crowded house cassette. i am such a multi layered girl. an enigma wrapped in a riddle.


  1. You had a cassette case and used it to reveal your level of coolness? Ha ha ha. Nice. My parents bought me a tape player for Christmas and gave me two tapes "Greatest hits of the 70s" and a BeeGees album. I listened to both of them over and over. We once drove to Phoenix on vacation and listened to a tape of The Beach Boys (side one) and Jan and Dean (side two) continuously the entire drive there. I dont know that owning one crowded house cassette makes you an enigma wrapped in a riddle. My love of Lionel Richie, Eminem, Garth Brooks, The White Stripes, Dashboard Confessional, the scorpions, and Creedence Clearwater Revival makes me an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Ha ha ha.

  2. i have to admit i was relying somewhat on hyperbole. i didnt use it as a measure of my coolness so much, but i do remember being impressed with others collections and the different cases they carried them in. it was the 80's-cut me some slack.
    your story reminds me a little of traveling with my parents-we had 8 track at the time. barry manilow, barbara streisand, and roger whitaker where the headliners on that trip.
    you ARE an enigma wrapped in a riddle, but if you saw my i tunes library you would probably include me in that little club. :)

  3. Yeah? How big is your itunes library? And what genres does it cover? Mine has 10166 songs including Marilyn Manson, Sawyer Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, NOFX, Guster, Nada Surf, The Police etc. I kinda feel sorry for you with the barry manilow and the barbara streisand. Yuck. But I guess I can accept that you are an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I mean, Barbara Streisand AND the Scorpions AND Crowded House (said slightly tongue in cheek cause I am not sure you are all that eclectic yet)?

  4. i dont have nearly the quantity you do, but i can probably keep up as far as the different genres. maybe.
    of course lots of 80's stuff, judas priest, poison, lionel ritchie. some out of the way stuff thanks to gbf, like yo la tengo, wolfmother(before they were as recognizable as they are now), and indigo girls. i love sawyer brown! i also have classic rock, lots of country, and of course lots of heavy metal. i dont necessarily aim to be eclectic, but i have had people comment on the different stuff i like. i am also really moody about it. a song i loved yesterday will make me want to puke today and i wont love it again for months.
    YOU are eclectic. i generally keep up with knowing about different bands, but i am losing it, because i have never even heard of NOFX, guster, or nada surf.
    hootie and the blowfish, dave matthews, and black crowes are all big favorites. trying to think if i have any guilty pleasures like mariah carey...:P i guess some might consider hootie a guilty pleasure.:)

  5. My music tastes are absolutely eclectic. But I am not a music snob. I went to law school with a couple of music snobs. They LOVED the music from their genre of choice but refused to really give much else a chance. So they would suggest a song and I would really like it but I would suggest a song and they would either refuse to listen to it or give it a quick 15 seconds before turning it off and saying it just isn't their style.

    I have found that I love music across so many genres. Good music. For this reason, I really don't like most Christmas songs. Because I don't think most of them are actually good music. Same with the super churchy stuff (mormon tabernacle choir is just not for me). I do like some good Christian music (Jars of Clay, The Afters, Colors). I even like a bit of hardcore stuff (some slipknot).

    As for guilty pleasures, mine include Lily Allen, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, and Rilo Kiley (all girly music). It's probably time for you to expand away from Hootie Dave and the Crowes.

  6. i hate music snobs! i worked with a man years ago who refused to listen to the radio. this was before satellite radio, itunes, youtube, and all taht jazz. his tastes were so out there and it was like he didnt want to share his music with mere peasants like us.
    gbf could be a music snob, but he isnt. he knows EVERYTHING, even about genres he doesnt like. he has turned me on to a lot of stuff-he likes to enlighten and educate, not try to exclude at all.
    i have a few christmas favorites, but generally do not care for it at all. i feel almost guilty when i admit i do not care for mo-tab, but i really just dont.
    seems to me i saw slipknot open for an opening band at some concert i went to years ago, but i dont remember much about them.
    i do not care for darius ruckers country music at all. i think i have liked one song. maybe. i put in a hootie disk in the car the other day and i just wasnt feeling it. made me a little sad. dave still speaks to me-he has such a way to turn a phrase. his love songs are to die for. the crowes? never. i love them. i dont think they will ever go out of style.
    if you could pick one band to instantly expand my musical horizons a little bit, who would you recommend?

  7. Oh come on, there is no way I could answer that question without it being a disappointment. Music is so subjective that it has to cater to your particular tastes. I used to love Dave Matthews but lately, I can't listen to it at all. Mostly cause his new stuff is not like his old stuff. How about you look up a couple of songs instead? Crap, I made a list and decided to back off on it. I can share songs but I don't want to imply that any of them will change your life cause when they don't you will blame me.

  8. give me 3 songs! 1 or 2 band! i am not placing all my future enlightenment on what you tell me. just interested in what you have to say. :)

  9. My three favorite songs of all time are
    1) Anything but mine by kenny Chesney
    2) Run by Snow Patrol
    3) Konstantine by Something Corporate

    The third choice was very hard. But songs that will change your life have to be ones you have never heard. Try "Baby's got sauce" by G. Love and the special sauce. "Chinese" by Lily Allen. "Skates" by Hayden. "Adrian" by Mason Jennings.

  10. see? you didnt disappoint me at all. surprised me a little, but not even a little bit disappointed.
    anything but mine is one of my favorite chesney songs.
    i am familiar with snow patrol, but not that song. i liked it.
    never heard of something corporate, but i really liked that song.
    baby's got sauce made me smile.
    chinese is pretty good.
    skates was too...too... i dont know what, but it did not speak to me at all.
    liked adrian a lot.
    thanks :)

  11. Dont give up on Hayden, they grow on you. Very raspy stuff that I imagine some people would hate. One of my favorite by them (well, him, really) besides "Skates" is Tragedy. I also really like "When this is over" about the kids whose mom put them in the van in their seat belts, drove around til they fell asleep, and then pushed the van into the lake and told police someone kidnapped her children (told from the perspective of the kids).

    How come you were surprised? Did you expect something more edgy? Crap.

  12. plesantly surprised. i found you quite edgy, but i liked that one of your favorites was very mainstream and that i loved it too.
    i was worried that you would be too edgy-beyond me, because of your youth, but i was able to keep up-so maybe i havent lost it yet.
    even the song i didnt care for, i could appreciate it-i could see where they were going. just didnt want to travel with them.