Sunday, June 20, 2010

i am immortal

not really, but duncan mccloud of the clan mccloud is.

i am giggling just thinking about it. i was scrolling through netflix's watch instantly selections when the tv series highlander popped up.

msof loved this show. it came on every week, late on sunday nights and he insisted on watching it. i hated it. i complained every week and tried to persuade him to watch something else. i never convinced him, but i would spend the entire time criticizing the acting and the stupid story lines.

then i started loving it. i looked forward to it every week, but i would not let on to msof. no way. he would never let me live it down.

when he caught me singing along to the theme song, i was sunk. he never let me forget how i complained about the show, but ended up loving it so much i would sing along with queen every week.

i consider it a long lost guilty pleasure. the whole concept is ridiculous and all the actors are horrible.

watching it for the first time in about 15 years has not improved their acting or the lame story lines, but i still find it oddly interesting.

as a side note- i realize the above queen video has christopher lambert from the movie the show is based on. i picked it because i like the band footage better. i just wanted to mention that in case a highlander purist calls me out on it.


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