Tuesday, June 1, 2010

should i?

i have been toying with the idea(for months really)of signing back up for ldsmingle or planet or whatever is out there at this point. a few weeks ago i had my best friend take some pictures of me and they turned out great. i was really happy with them, which is unusual because i usually hate pictures of myself.
so i have the pictures, but now i am wondering what to put in my profile. the profiles are generally pretty boring. i have spiced mine up a little in the past, but i want a fresh approach. any ideas? i really dont want to be a used car salesperson touting all my attributes despite the high mileage. i dont want to be too disaffected or aloof either. i am neither of those things, but apparently i can come off that way.
i would seriously appreciate any input you might have-even if its along the lines of "whatever you do dont do THIS(fill in the blank). thanks :)


  1. How about putting down that your 'wookin for nub' and link to Eddie Murphy as Buck Wheat singing "Looking for Love"

    Maybe not. Just be yourself!

  2. lol- that would be so funny. i just might do that. i am laughing right now-hilarious. me and my friends used to sing that all the time. BUCKWHEAT SINGS!!

  3. Umm, I am gonna go ahead and throw 'wookin for nub' on the don't do list. Here's my opinion on online dating. First and foremost are the pictures. No matter how cathing the profile is, guys really just want to see the pictures first. If the pictures aren't good, they aren't going to look at the rest. Why bother reading about someone that you already know you aren't going to date?

    Second, don't overdo it on the pictures. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Three or four pictures is plenty. Just enough to show that you are who you say you are.

    Third, make sure you don't come off at all desperate in your profile write up. No matter how cute a girl is, if she says "I just can't meet someone" then guys wonder what must be wrong with her. Attractive girls seem to get asked out on lots of dates. So make it seem more like you get asked out on lots of dates but not by the guys you want to ask you out.

    Four, be quirky but not too quirky. Think Zooey Deschanel and then go one level less quirky (she can pull off her quirkiness cause she is a freaking movie star).

    Anyway, hope this helps some. I might get back into the online dating thing too. It could really spice up my summer.

  4. tripp-good advice, but i am wondering about the quirky. i guess i have my quirks, but dont we all? if i acted in a similar manner as deschanel, it would be an act that would be blown within a few dates. trying to think of my "quirks" and if they would be considered charming or not paid attention to because a guy might find me attractive. mmmm. lots to think about. is posting "lookin por nub" too quirky or is that desperate?

  5. I don't even know what "lookin por nub" means. It must have been from the generation before me. Everyone is quirky. Most people just try to either a) hide it or b) shove it into your face. I suggest c) minimally accent it. Dont try and be quirky like Deschanel. Just try and show less of your quirkiness than she shows. One level less. It reminds me of a legal ethics test called the MPRE. My motto was "One level below What Would Jesus Do (OLBWWJD)" and I passed with flying colors. What site are you gonna join? I disliked LDSplanet because it didn't tell you if a person was a subscriber or not. So I would write messages to cute girls and never get a response and I was left wondering if they just found my profile so distasteful as to not warrant a response (I mean, they are on a dating site, they must kinda be looking for dates) or if they weren't able to read the message I sent them because they weren't paying the $15 a month to subscribe.

  6. looking for love was an early 80's song from the soundtrack of "urban cowboy". eddie murphy did a skit on snl where he played buckwheat from "the little rascals" all grown up and he released an album of covers, but it was done in the buckwheat way of speaking; thus "lookin por nub". it was hilarious, but it was the 80's and a lot might get lost in translation in 2010.

  7. maybe mingle. that is the last one i belonged to and i thought it was pretty ok. i vacillate between being a paying member or not. part of me thinks its kind of like paying for the 1st date-if the guy is interested enough, he will figure out a way to im you so you can communicate and exchange numbers or email. i have tried it both ways, where i have been a paying member and not a paying member. different levels of success with each one.

  8. I must correct you both here it's Wookin for Nub not Looking for Nub. Somewhere it was lost in translation.

    I say just be yourself. That is what you are selling after all : )

    And I mean selling in a non-prostitute way of coarse.

  9. i figured that out when i tried to find a youtube or hulu of eddie murphy doing it. "wookin" definitely makes it funnier. WOOKIN POR NUB(messed up the por. all of us)
    the whole selling(not in a prostitute way of course)thing is what bugs me. like kicking the tires on a used car,but i guess it goes both ways.
    tripp- i asked some friends about my quirks. the initially drew a blank, but this is what they eventually were able to come up with:
    i am somewhat fussy when i order at a restaurant. not as bad as sally(when harry met sally), but kind of in the ball park. i always ask if they have real butter(this is primarily a breakfast thing, but not always), i hate margarine and i always want to substitute something for the hash browns i hate hash browns. with other meals its not quite as extensive, but i generally have questions.
    the other thing is how i eat an oreo. i like to dunk, but hate getting milk on my fingers, so i get the oreos, a glass of milk, and a spoon. drop the oreo in and when it has absorbed enough milk to start to sink, i catch it in the spoon and eat it. just enough mush to crisp cookie ratio. kind of makes a mess of the milk, but i dont care.
    i am sure there are more, but there you go. :)