Wednesday, June 2, 2010

quirky enough?

tripp hazard gave some pretty sound advice on one of my recent posts regarding the possibility of joining a lds dating site.
one thing he said has me somewhat flummoxed. funny word, flummoxed. i dont think i have ever used that word, but i think it fits here. when he suggested that i show my quirkiness(am i quirky? i am sure SOMEONE would think so), but hold back a bit. one level less is how i think he put it.
how quirky am i? am i enough to be interesting or am i really so over the top that men run screaming?
the latter really isnt true. i think i fall into a fairly common category where the guys i date really seem to like me, a good number have fallen in love with me(or so they said), but when it comes to follow through, they drop the ball.
i think a more likely possibility is that i am not quirky enough. men seem to like the girls who put them through the ringer. make em work for it. i am not really like that. i dont take crap, but i dont make ridiculous demands. wait. maybe i do. if you say you have a temple recommend, i expect you to have one and not some lame story about why you dont. i demand honesty and have 0 tolerance for the lack of it.
maybe a guy will do all you ask, jump through all the hoops if you just have sex. maybe that is my quirk. i wont have sex unless i am married. i dont know how you can hold back a level on that.


  1. I worked so hard for the publicity and then you misspelled my name??? Ugh. Ha ha. I am sorry that you are flummoxed. Does that make me flummoxing? (I already looked it up, not a word). I don't think "No sex before marriage" has anything to do with the quriky factor. It's more like if you really really really love cats, maybe you just say something like "I like cats, get over it, having a cat in the house will increase the regularity of your getting laid (after marriage, of course)" instead of "I have 17 hairless cats and keeping them is a dealbreaker for me. This one is named Juniper because he really looked like a Juniper tree when he was born. This one here is Max. I named him Max because he is just so adorable like Maximus in Gladiator."

    Maybe that is more than one level different but you get the idea. Name some of your quirky traits and I will help you to write about them in the OLBWWJD fashion. If you don't have any, well, then I guess just subtly quote SNL skits from the 80's. I think it's important to show that a) you got the funny jokes back then and b) that you get the funny jokes today. Maybe say something that indicates you know who Andy Samberg is.

  2. dang! i corrected the spelling, sorry about that. i have spelled it correctly in the past... hope i get points for that.
    the hairless cat thing is so crazy. i am still shaking my head about it.
    i dont know if referencing "d*** in a box" or his various snl shorts where he is in love with his brother in law will score me points with guys. am i wrong?
    my quirks...i am going to have to think about that. maybe ask some of my friends and i will get back to you. i would love to hear your spin on it.

  3. I'm not running, and I'm not screaming. I can't speak for anybody else, but there's nothing to run from here that I've seen yet.

  4. awww blain....i havent seen you in these parts for so long and then you arrive with a sweet comment. thanks! made my morning. :)