Saturday, June 26, 2010

praying for a miracle

i looked pretty cute last sunday. i got this new blouse(five bucks on the clearance rack. hey, i am not seriously so blessed, i am not ashamed)that matched one of my skirts perfectly and i got a ton of compliments. best five bucks i have ever spent.
my ward holds gospel doctrine class in the cultural hall. i am often in and out for various reasons, so i normally stand in the back against the stage.
sitting in a folding chair was one of the older men in our ward. the lesson had already started, but he motioned for me to lean over. as he shook my hand he whispered in my ear, "why havent we found a good man for you?"
i need to make an aside here: this man once gave a 20 minute speech in a bishopric meeting(so glad i was there for it)about how we need to "get a good and attentive man on every single sister in the church." it was hilarious. he is 70 years old and before he joined the church(he spent 10 years attending, paying tithing and fast offerings, and studying before he actually consented to baptized) he was a baptist preacher. now he preaches the true gospel, but still has that baptist flair.
i made some joke about giving up and he responded with "there has got to be a good man out there. pray for a miracle."
i love this guy and even though he thinks that it will take a miracle to "get an attentive man" on me, i found this funny. coming from just about anyone else, i would have shredded them on the spot with some sharp words.
i think he appreciated how cute i looked(like a grandpa would)and was wondering out loud how someone as cute and nice as me could possibly be without a man.
i wonder myself sometimes.


  1. One day when you're looking good like that you should show up to a YSA meeting, just don't tell anyone your age.

    People put way too much stock in numbers these days, whether it's age or otherwise...

  2. i have considered that. i have a friend who has some calling with the ysa-she plans a lot of their big regional activities-and she has asked me to come to some of her stuff. i am always taken for younger(thank goodness. hope that holds for a while), so i dont think it would be impossible to get away with.
    i agree on the numbers thing, but i am a victim of it. 5 years older or younger, i am ok with, but much more than that, especially if i am the older one...i get a little squirmish about it.

  3. Ha ha ha. I wouldn't take offense at his use of the word 'miracle." I think he just meant to pray for something that you didn't expect to happen (praying for anything that you don't expect to happen would be praying for a miracle). Maybe the answer is to just pretend that you are younger. After all, age means basically nothing.

  4. i wasnt offended. i love this man, but i just found it funny.
    most people think i am younger-usually by at least 10 years, so should i act younger than that or younger than i really am?

  5. You dont have to act anything. I am not even sure that there are age appropriate acts. I mean, what do 40 year olds do that 30 year olds dont? You act natural and let people assume your age. There is nothing that says you have to tell people your real age. It isnt lying if you just refuse to answer their questions. If they think you are 30, let them believe it. You ready to hear some more new music?

  6. when you said "pretend", i thought you meant "act" a certain way. i am just me and that tends to throw people as far as my age. i have a few good stories about people finding out my real age and being pretty shocked. good for the female ego. :)
    yes! i am ready for some new music.

  7. Yeah, sorry, I didnt mean to be confusing. I just meant not revealing your actual age to people. That way you can date men that are 18 years younger than you. Listen to
    "Heroine (acoustic" by Something Corporate. "I've got friends" by Manchester Orchestra. "Accidental deth" by Rilo Kiley. "The Getaway" by Punchline.

  8. i wast able to find accidental deth, but listened to i never by rilo kiley. loved the song, love her voice
    i didnt think i was going to like ive got friends, but ended up really like it as well as heroine and the getaway.
    besides something corporate, i hadnt heard of any of the other bands. thanks :)

  9. finally got accidntel deth on pandora. i like it. :)

  10. Rilo Kiley is a gem. Have you heard "Kill the Turkey" by Gregory and the Hawk? I chose "I've got friends" cause I knew you liked harder rock stuff. Have you heard "Tool shed and hot tubs" by Straylight run? The girl doesnt sing on most of their songs but when she does, I think it sounds great.

  11. listening to kill the turkey right now. i dont think i am deep enough for this selection.
    ok, now on to tool shed.. i like it better. i do like her voice. this is fun. thanks :)

  12. I agree with Tripp, a lady never reveals her age anyway, but to get around this they'll probably ask what year you graduated...

  13. i never offer my age, but if asked, i dont act coy or lie. when i was on the dating sites, i told the truth.
    should i be all mysterious?