Wednesday, June 30, 2010

face lift

no. i didnt get one. i am talking about the new look of my blog. whadda think?
i guess blogger has gotten some new designers and when you log in, they kind of prompt you to look at the new templates. i like this one, but there were a few that looked good, so i might be changing it and trying new looks on to see how i like it.
i havent gotten to sleep before 3 am for the past 2 nights and its catching up to me BIG TIME.
of course its a day that i have a ton to do and i actually need to think straight and have at least a little energy.
i have noticed in the last 2 or 3 years my sleeping habits and patterns have totally changed. i am not the night owl i used to be and i can no longer sleep in past 6 am. makes me feel OLD.
i remember my grandparents nodding off after dinner while watch tv and finally turning in by 8, only to be up before the sun. i am not quite that bad, but its getting there.
i need to get on some of these projects that are waiting for me, then work in a power nap. yes, i said it. power nap. at times like these, the 20-40 min snooze(not a minute longer or i am in BIG trouble)saves my life.
i was surprised to see how long it has been since i posted last. i know this is rambling and probably quite boring, but i wanted to put something out there. i am working on a few posts, but they havent quite come together the way i would like them to.
i hope everyone is enjoying their summer. summer is not my favorite season. i wilt in the high temps. i burn easily and have to wear spf 4 million if i am going to be out in the sun for more that 5 minutes. i do love the water-pools, lakes, and rivers are some of my favorite things. quite a little contradiction there, but thats me. one really tall, brunette, contradiction.

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