Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i dont frequent facebook like i used to. i dont like the changes they have made and with the new threat of it becoming a pay-for subscription service...fuggidaboudit.
i think the funk i am in has me even more annoyed, so keep that in mind as you read the following.
i log in and it immediately gives me a ton of people that i should friend. i glance over them and dont click on any of them, but just before i am about to click away, a name catches my eye. then a faint memory starts to emerge of this quiet kid in my ap english lit class my senior year.
guys in ap english were somewhat rare in "my day", so he stands out for that reason, but he also had the odd shaped head-almost square and the way he cut his dark hair almost made him look frakenstein-ish. he wasnt ugly, in fact a girl in the class loved him. she was quiet too and did not make a big fuss, but he knew and he did NOT return her affection.
they were both bused in from a tiny farming town that didnt have their own high school. they were both lds, so i am sure they were in the same ward. you could tell just by the way she looked at him that she just thought he was perfect. i couldnt see what she saw, but i did see what indifference he treated her with. i really didnt know either of them, but i was pissed off at HIM for being such a jerk to such a nice girl. she was cute too. think maryann from gilligans island. that kind of cute.
we had to write a lot of papers for this class and then read them aloud. the teacher always commented on his handwriting(no typewriters or computers for us!)- he literally printed in typewriter style. perfectly spaced and even-all the letters exactly the same and perfect. it was odd. another memory is of the teacher critiquing one of his papers(as she did all of ours) and he got so mad-he even challenged her critique saying that i did the same thing and she didnt criticize me. the teacher hotly pointed out the difference in our papers(mine being the better one)and quickly put him in his place. you could tell he was fuming, but he never said anything more.
in the 20+ years since i have graduated i have heard things about this guy-he served a mission and ended up marrying that girl he ignored in high school. had 6 kids, cheated on her, treated her like total crap, and they are now divorced. i dont know this as fact, but i can imagine that she would have wanted to stay with him no matter what and it was him who initiated the divorce.
still a big jerk after all these years. i almost want to friend him to see if he will accept and then see what i can really find out.
i dont think i can muster up the energy it would take to deal with that. maybe we really arent supposed to connect with all these people from our past. i hear that marriage counselors credit facebook with raising rates of infidelity and subsequent marriage counseling. i soooo believe it. i actually know a girl who came "this close" to cheating on her husband with her high school boyfriend who friended her on facebook.
so, there you go. facebook says i should friend mr frankenstein, but doesnt seem to realize what a tool i know him to be. heck. the church is true and we all have access to the Atonement. maybe he totally turned over a new leaf and is an amazing guy.he doesnt look amazing in his picture. he looks like a jerk and possibly gay. i just threw that gay thing in because with the goatee he grew since high school makes him look EXACTLY like a good friend of mine who is so gay. they could be twins.
wouldnt that be a story? maybe he was a jerk because he was in the closet and he was mean to that girl because he was into guys but couldnt reveal it because he is a mormon from a small town. i am just rambling now. i am going to stop.


  1. lol-sorry, got a little carried away with the enter button.

  2. I love when I'm right in my predictions of people's future, but it's also sad.

    And fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm almost always right.

  3. i am almost always right too! usually i feel kind of smug, but as i get older, i am less so. i want people to be better and grow beyond the complete jerks they were previously. i have to admit that i never thought about this guy until someone mentioned his name and then i saw him as a suggested friend on fb.