Thursday, June 24, 2010

is 18 years too big of an age difference?

i am old enough to be his mother. technically.
hes in provo, i am not. i am sure there are soooooo many other factors(like never having seen each other in person,etc.)of how this would definitely NOT work out, but i just have to say, i love this man. based on this post alone.

check it out.


  1. If he's too old for you, can I have him instead? No, seriously.

  2. be my guest! :)
    doesnt he sound smart and great? how many guys at 24 have that much insight?
    go for it, but you have to tell me all the details AND give me credit if it works out for you guys. lol

  3. Hey don't generalize us like that.

    How about we change that to "how many guys at 24 *in Provo* have that much insight?"

  4. i think its pretty safe to generalize! woasm-you are an exception as well and i think i have mentioned that a few times and given you big credit for your out of the box thinking. :)

  5. I could probably set you up, but like you said, you're not in Provo...

  6. sigh...i feel something i have never felt before. a desire to be in utah.