Tuesday, January 11, 2011


everything is a lie until it is proven to be the truth.

my most cynical friend lives by this. what do you guys think? it seems rather depressing to me, but if i followed her counsel, i would have avoided a lot of drama including, but not limited to...dick.


  1. I think that is a piss poor way to view life.

  2. i do too, but i am starting to see some validity to it. makes me sad.

  3. That's terrible. I'd rather be foolishly trusting and surprised every time I get hurt, than always unhappy in my cynicism.

    Sure you get hurt more, but you live more too.

  4. my dad has always taught me to plan for the absolute worse but act like its going to be the best..

    growing up we werent allowed to let door to door salesmen in because they were trying to find out what they could steal later on that night..
    my parents have non stop drilled into my head to not get married until my fiance has converted and has done everything he promised...
    they are the its a lie until its proven guilty.

    it drives me nuts i wish people still believed in reach for the stars and follow your gut... oh well i am a hopeless romantic

  5. One of the challenges in my field (and in retail -- a closely related field) is to learn how to see people as they really are without taking a totally cynical view of humanity. It's not easy to do.

    People start with a very basic level of trust from me, and then we go up or down from there based on how they handle that.

  6. i have many walls up, but i am pretty trusting and i regularly feel like an idiot in the dating arena. maybe "regularly" is not accurate, but you know what i mean. with the exception of mr jack mormon(and not a good example of the point i am going to make)i have never had a "good" break up. you know what i mean, where you mutually agree that you arent right for each other, but you like and admire each other and will just move on all friendly like. i wish things didnt always have to happen with such intensity.