Saturday, January 29, 2011

needed change

i have the worst time ending a conversation first. i dont know why. i am sure it stems from some trauma in my past, but i couldnt tell you the specifics.
i will walk around with the phone or multi task while im'ing for hours just so i am not the one to end it first.
i think this is not very advantageous when it comes to guys. you are supposed to leave them wanting, right? be the first to hang up so they cant wait to talk to you again. i just dont do it. sometimes i need to. sometimes i should, but i dont.
when i absolutely have to hang up, i feel guilty. i feel like i am being rude.
is there a psychologist in the house?


  1. Might I actually suggest a marriage and family therapist. They are trained in working with relationships. Singles wanting to be in relationship too. :) If you are interested in finding someone in your area you can look at There is a link to "Find a therapist" on that page. You'd be surprised how much you might learn.

  2. i have been considering that. at the end of my marriage and through my divorce, i went to therapy and learned a great deal. i am pretty sure i know what he would say-its a matter of applying it and doing it. its that case with so much in life?