Sunday, January 16, 2011

hard core

since i have blocked mr jack mormon from im'ing or emailing me, he has chosen to contact me via facebook. i deleted him as a friend 2 years ago(he was insulted), but i havent blocked him from sending me friend requests, which means he can email me. why havent i blocked him? i honestly did not think it was necessary. i just thought he would go away. today i got a short email that simple said "you are hard core about this silent treatment." i KNOW he is just trying to get a rise out of me and i am minimally tempted to engage in a bicker-fest with him, but i wont. i just dont get it. why? if you like me so much-STEP UP. if you dont-GO AWAY.
men. guys. boys. TELL ME WTF is going on?


  1. I think he's viewing this as a game, and he's going to wear you down and get into your pants eventually.

    Which kinda gets at my concern about the previous post about how to get into a guy's head -- it's all about game. And I don't like game. It's what bugs me about getting back into the MMM someday. I don't want to play games -- I want to find a partner that's a match for me.

  2. Sounds like he has had sucess with these tactics before. He wants you on his terms, not yours, and is hoping your resolve is wearing away. Does he have any way to know whats going on in your life? Common friends? He sure seems to have *great* timing....

  3. anon-he has been successful-with me! in the past, i mean. he baits me into a debate, then asks me out for dinner and we date for a few weeks or months. he asks for sex, i say no and then we dont talk until he baits me again. this time, i aint bitin. i have never held out this long. ever. i always considered him harmless, but i think he is a distraction from other things. good things.
    BLAIN!!!!! are you saying he WILL get in MY pants eventually?
    i dont like game either-i think i bore men sometimes because i dont play. my honestly is mildly shocking at first, but then gets boring.

  4. No. I'm saying that's how he's seeing it. The boy's elevator isn't making it up to the floors with big numbers. I concur with your strategy, and think it would have been good to have started two dates earlier. Next time you're around a time machine, you can get right on that.

    Honesty scares people, afaict. Now, as far as the Rules thing went, I was basically okay with that -- it was a little bit gamey, but mostly about having standards and valuing yourself (the part I liked, anyhow). I think having some mystery is okay (and I will always have some mystery, because I sure don't understand myself, and, if I don't by now, I'm not gonna).

    And I'm kinda getting the impression that a lot of guys out there are kinda wussy. Which gives me a little hope. I have tended to be a bit intimidated, but think with a bit of practice (and being okay to do so), could get a little flirting-with-intent going and could make some dinner-and-movie plans without too much trouble. But is that all passe? Does no one date anymore? Will I be seen as some archaic throw-back for wanting to do something other than sit around on the couch watching TV?