Friday, January 14, 2011

weighing in on weighing in

yesterday i had a bunch of cool things to say about divine carolines 10 ways to get in his head. now? not so much.
in general, i think i am pretty strong in all ten ways with some opportunities for improvement in 8,9, and 10. not major improvement, but some. we cant be perfect, can we?
guys-tell me are these the ways a woman gets into your head?

mr ex man told me a few months ago that i was still in his head. seems like most of the men i have dated have come back-validating the rubber band theory.
mr jack mormon just a few weeks ago spent quite a bit of time trying to contact me via email, im, facebook, friends, and family. he even threatened to call my mother, who he has never met. i just ignored him. so done with that. its tempting considering the breakup-we would have fun, thats for sure, but its a waste of time and i want to stay true to tip number 9.
seems like i get into their heads alright,but not enough to create something lasting. i have more thoughts/questions on that, but i will save it for another post.


  1. I'll have to think about this more, but my first reaction from that list is that it's a lot of "Think you're the best thing ever."

    That's walking a fine line. It's important to have self confidence and be independent, but if you really convince yourself that you're as great as that article wants you to you're not going to get ANY dates for one of two reasons: 1. Guys will pick up on what you're doing and think you're snooty and full-of yourself. 2. Guys won't pick up on it, you'll intimidate them, and they'll figure you're either too far out of their league or altogether too much effort to earn.

    I'll admit, I read Cosmo from time to time, women telling other women how men think is pretty comical. While a lot of this is good GENERAL stuff that everyone "on the circuit" should keep in mind it's probably not going to snag you a man.

  2. mmmmm. interesting. i think i remember you writing about cosmo before. is it that you think they have it all wrong? i am thinking they interview men, not just make it up. am i wrong?

  3. I don't know if they interview men. On average half of what I read that I'm thinking is actually pretty close, the other half seems purely ridiculous. Though, now that I think about it, it could be like astrology, where they cover so many bases that they're going to get some of it right.