Thursday, January 13, 2011

weigh in, please

two different sets of plans got canceled tonight, so out of boredom i am watching a gilmore girls rerun and going through my bookmarks. check out this post and tell me what you think. i am going to write more on it in the near future when i have heard what some of you think.


  1. Ooooo, I like that post! I am 43, never married, LDS (and female). I haven't ventured into the dating pool for more than 6 years, but am just now starting to dip my big toe back into it. The last 6 years have consisted of tons of personal growth - I feel so very comfortable in my own skin, and I love my life - I'm very happy and content. However, left over from my previous not-so-smooth years of dating (all through my 20's and my mid-30's) are some thoughts of, "even though I think I'm a great catch ... will someone else ever really think so?" I'm fighting it and doing a lot of positive self-talk to keep myself moving forward and taking risks I haven't taken in a very long time. Anyway ... I felt pretty good about myself and where I am, and about a potential dating situation that is kind of developing right now. If something relationshippy comes from this situation, great - if not, I know I will be just fine, unlike in my previous dating life when I steadily got more and more down on myself.

    If I were to write up a post documenting the things I feel I've learned from my previous dating experiences, many of those lessons would be very similar to the tips in that post you linked. I am determined, this time around, to develop a friendship first and a romance second.

    I'll be interested to read your post with your thoughts on the article!

  2. dating can be hard on the self esteem, that is a fact.

  3. dating can be, friends can be, family can be hard on self esteem. I have had a rough week and really had to take a step back and gone.. hum.. whats comfortable for me now..

  4. maybe something is in the air or it has something to do with all the astrology stuff happening ;-) its been a hard week for me too. mainly the past 2 days. sigh. whats a girl to do?