Friday, January 7, 2011

the broad strokes

dick arrived, we had a good day together filled with good food, laughter, and making out.
he got sick in the night. decided he should go home. we talked about it, i expressed concerns,he assured me he was just sick and needed to be in his own bed.
amazing kiss at the airport, he said "i love you" and left.
after a few weird text messages, he broke up with me via email a day or so later.
i know i am leaving out a ton of details, mainly because i cant wrap my head around them all and present them to you right now. they run from "he never loved me, it was all lies and i am a stupid sucker." to "he does love me, hes freaking out and he ran away. coward."
objectively, there are more fact to support the latter, but being a girl and having the basic(not horrible)low self esteem of the typical girl, it is so easy to believe the former.


  1. How far away does the guy live?

    I can tell you with assurance that it's not #1. No guy is going to fly to see a girl anywhere just for an afternoon of just making out.

  2. :) thanks woasm. the objective me KNOWS that to be true, but it was all so odd and random. the path of least resistance is to blame myself. i hate that we(meaning most girls)jump to those kind of conclusions.

  3. Could be he's bipolar, and switched in the middle of that from manic to depressed.

    Or he could just be a dick.

    (I made it as long as I could)

  4. blain-you showed great restraint. :)