Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the beach boys? really?

this song was playing in my head when i woke up. i am not a huge beach boys fan, so its kind of a mystery. it went along with a dream about dick, but nothing too telling. sigh. i hate this crap.


  1. Great song. Brian Wilson was a genius.

    Sorry I missed out on the whole dick thing. That would sound less dirty if you capitalized his name, btw. My computer was down, and I wasn't able to keep track of my rss feeds from my backup computer. You gonna come back and comment on my blog post, or do you need more rest first?

  2. i was wondering where you were at! i actually came back to your post 2-3 times to comment further, but i couldnt organize my thoughts. maybe i will try again. i really did like that post-a lot of stuff to think about.

  3. FWIW, I'll give you permission for a crappy first draft of your thoughts, and we can hash them out a bit and see how they look.

    Really struggling to not make dick jokes now. I'm bad.

  4. lol. it was weird because in the beginning, 3 guys were lumped together as tom, dick, and harry and then tom and harry went bye bye so dick remained :) lol. thank you for your restraint. just trying to be somewhat consistent.