Thursday, January 13, 2011

high school sexy

my senior year,during one of my breakups with tgws, i dated mr mopey. a stereotypical brooding rocker guy who loved me with such intensity that it made me slightly uncomfortable.he was a member of the church, but had read "the god makers" and his whole family went inactive and freely bashed the church. he gave me the book to read, which i never did, but he loved me and my faithful ways anyway. even his mother loved me. apparently i was the only one in a long time that parted the dark clouds of his persona. his love and her adoration made for some rather uncomfortable dinners at his house.
mr mopey and i did not have a class together until fifth hour, so you can probably imagine my surprise when i was walking down the hall to my third hour science class that i was firmly grabbed by upper arm and pushed up against the lockers and kissed like i had never been kissed before. it was pretty hot.i had never seen mr mopy exert that much energy before and i was so distracted by the unexpected and very hot kiss that i didnt even chastise him for kissing me in the hallway at school.
i dont think he even said anything to me-i just walked into my science class.

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