Tuesday, January 25, 2011

not acting lds

mr jack mormon facebooked me again advising me that i wasnt acting very lds by ignoring him.
do you agree? should i take the time to explain? maybe that would be the more Christ-like thing to do.


  1. Gag!

    According to your blog subtitle you're 40-ish, you must like to rob the cradle because one of your Ex's is apparently 12...

  2. lol-he is definitely acting 12, huh? i have robbed the cradle. i dated a man 16 years younger that i am. it didnt last long.
    midwaye-i thought so too. he likes to do that and i usually respond. i enjoy the debate, but i am worn out from it.

  3. He's being a troll. Trolls are like stray cats -- you should only feed the ones you want to keep.

  4. AMEN! 12.. Mommy will tell my ex girlfriend to talk to me.. thats almost just as bad!

    Good freaking Luck!

  5. no luck required! i am going to continue to ignore him.