Tuesday, January 4, 2011

personal revelation

anybody have any thoughts on this? i have struggled a for quite a few years with this, thinking i have my wires crossed somehow. i maintain that i had a confirmation to marry msof and that turned out horrible. then (many years later) i feel like i had a confirmation regarding mr ex man. there were plenty of guys in between, so i am not one to stamp "destiny" on the forehead of any guy who takes me out to dinner. two confirmations and two disastrous endings.
i am worn out from the uncertainty. i long to have a story to tell where i received a burning bush type message to marry joe schmoe and it was actually the right thing to do.
any good stories out there?


  1. I don't have a good story. To be honest I've never put much stock in praying about whether or not I should marry someone. One contributing factor are the stories I've heard of girls having personal revelation to marry 4-5 different guys before they finally get hitched.

    Another is how easy it is to mistake your own desires for an answer to your prayers. I swear I received personal revelation that I was supposed to have my own, new bike almost every week while I was six.

    I think a lot of people are blinded by love or infatuation, it's important to step back and look at the whole thing from an outside point of view. If I can do that, THEN get an answer to my prayers I think I am on to something.

  2. I had a very strong impression to marry my wife. The marriage has turned out to be less than I hoped for. The experience of marriage has taught me mnay things I would not have learned otherwise or I had married someone with whom I would currently be much happier. No question I had a testimony of who to marry. I guess we just have to go through some unpleasant experiences to learn what we need to so we can return to our Father. Not much help for the here and now I know.

  3. woasm: i know EXACTLY what you are talking about. i have witnessed these women bearing their testimonies about finding "the one" only to break up a few weeks later. i have been stepping back and i think i have been doing a pretty ok job at the outside point of view. still so many variables. i feel that things are getting more clear, but...
    anon-sorry to hear about your marriage. i have heard stories like that as well. the whole "learning a lesson" thing kind of pisses me off. do we have to be married to someone that we arent happy with to learn those lessons?