Monday, January 24, 2011

in it to win it

am i? i thought so, but maybe not. just read the singles ward most recent post and i feel a little queasy.
like i need another thing that i am not doing right?! i am in this weird spot and everything is hitting me the wrong way.
when they talked about changing what you do in order to get different results-that kind of hit home. someone mentioned to me the other day that i need to start dating outside my "type" which they happen to think is the "bad boy" type-as bad as active lds guys can get, i suppose.
of the most recent guys i have dated(tom, dick and harry)dick and harry had pasts and dick was a little edgy. tom was a nerd. i liked him, but i did end up rejecting him for dick.
its all too much to think about. i just need someone to show up at my door with official looking documentation showing that he is the right guy for me. thats it. not too much to ask, right?


  1. Are you turning down date requests from good-but-boring guys? Are you turning down date requests?

    The article was interesting. I thought he did a clearer job of pointing to problems than he did to solutions.

  2. i am hibernating, so i havent been asked out, but if i was OUT THERE i would accept a date from a good, but "boring" guy. boring is misleading. he is usually shy or not that social, but interesting when you get him one on one.
    i think you hit the nail on the head-he did articulate the problems, but not so much the solutions. do you have any solutions?

  3. Solutions? Probably the generalized one would be to look for people you're not initially attracted to and give them a second look and see if there's something there. "Boring" is short-hand for that.

    Which you already have a plan to do, apparently. I don't know. The ways of the MMM are scary and mysterious.

  4. you might be right. i am not a big dater. i hate the whole drama of it, but maybe thats my problem-i am trying to circumvent dating by getting to know people on line.