Wednesday, October 14, 2009


mr jack mormon asked me to snuggle after our last date. knowing his disdain for religious inspired celibacy, i thought it best to define terms. was "snuggle" code for sex or maybe even heavy petting? so i asked. nope. he said snuggle meant snuggle. now the weird(or maybe just stupid) thing was he gave me this invite via email AFTER he took me home. he lives about an hour away, so its not like he could just come back over. we went back and forth via email, him asking me clarifying questions and i guess some of my answers surprised him. like i was willing to french kiss. he really started asking questions about what was off limits and was shocked that areas above the belt(his words)were as off limits as below the belt. disappointed might be a better word. he claims that EVERY girl he has met on ldsmingle fools around. except me. arent i just a killjoy? why does he keep asking me out? does he think i am kidding? playing hard to get? when i asked him why he asked me to snuggle he said he was testing my boundaries. i swear, this guy is 41 freaking years old! isnt that the kind of stuff you do in junior high? is it too much to ask that you either accept what i am telling you or just move on to someone else?

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  1. Found your blog through Mormon Bachelor Pad. Like what I see so far. It's good to see into the mormon lifestyle through different perspectives.