Tuesday, October 27, 2009

smart girl or bad attitude?

i talked to my mom just as i was walking out the door to go to the sa halloween dinner/dance. she pleaded with me to go with an open mind and a good attitude. SHE is really hoping that i meet my dream man at some church related function. she truly believes that all seemingly happy lds couples meet at those type of activities. sigh. i really did go with an open mind, but from the onset.....it was a mess. first of all, i was given the wrong directions to the church building. when i call the girl who asked me to serve at this shindig, she sweetly apologizes and tells me she is running an HOUR late and suggested i find something to do in the meantime. knowing that she is kind of flaky, i returned a hour and 15 minutes later, but she still hadnt arrived. she ended up being an hour and a half late. i think we can all agree that goes way beyond mormon standard time , but i go in and get started. unlike most functions of this nature, the cultural hall was decorated beautifully with elaborate fall and halloween type decorations. there didnt seem to be a lot going on, but i jumped in where i could. there was a lot of down time. dinner was scheduled to be served at 7, but the kitchen crew was still discussing the pros and cons of having a separate drink table. a lone sister arrived on time, spotted me in the "lounge area" and came right over to introduce herself. she was dressed(modestly)as some sort of harem girl or belly dancer. she was asian with a heavy accent and i had a difficult time understanding her over the dj's sound check, but what i was able to get was she was from hong kong and that she has been here for 16 years and was currently studying dance. she told me how much she liked belly dancing. i am in rs president mode, trying to fellowship, but i feel trapped. people start trickling in, wearing a variety of costumes. this one walked up to me and the harem girl. to be fair, he really wasnt dressed as a tron guy. his outfit was black, but had similar designs all over it. the mystery was solved when a middle aged woman dressed as a rainbow clown along with her friend, the sister missionary walked up like they were approaching the coolest guy in high school. he explained in detail that he was wearing his paint ball suit, demonstrating all the different attachments, pockets, and straps. after getting him to promise to dance with each of them that night, they scampered off. harem girl seems kind of stunned. chatty before, she is now mute. tron guy tries to make conversation(at this point harem girl takes off without uttering a word)by asking me a few questions. i answer politely and even offer a few things to the conversation, but i am careful not to flirt in any way. since the adoration of his fan club was lacking in me, he soon lost interest and took his leave without even saying a polite good bye. more people are arriving and the costumes run from ridiculous to truly original. the food is being brought out and a handful of people rush up to the table and start serving themselves. no welcome. no opening prayer. nothing. the dj finally notices people eating, stops the music, and quickly asks someone to offer an opening prayer and blessing on the food. to be continued....


  1. Sounds like a fun party to blog about at least...

  2. ha ha... I like the "this one" guy. he he...

  3. haha my mom is convinced I will meet my soulmatte if I just went to church. You sound like me, I'll be in a really good mood and agree to serve then once it comes up I'm like, "what the hell am I doing here?" Props to you.