Sunday, October 18, 2009

things that make you go "mmmmmm"

church is one of the best places to people watch. i cringe to think that people are observing me the way that i might observe them, but that does nothing to deter me. today i noticed two couples in particular. one married 25 years or so, still have a few fairly young kids, but they are all cozy in the pew, whispering to each other, and totally enjoying themselves. then there is another couple, probably married about 10 years. they are both nice and you can tell they are friendly, but there seems to be no spark, no chemistry between them. there has to be something going on because they have six kids, but to see them together, its like they are roommates. no hand holding or arms around each other. no lean in. i love the lean in and its absence is suspect to me. there just doesnt seem to be a lot of love or passion there. maybe they are just super conservative and dont do the pda thing. maybe there is some serious swinging from the chandelier behind closed doors. i hope so. as someone who is celibate, i hate to think of anyone "legal" choosing not to have a fulfilling sex life.


  1. or maybe they are stressed out with so many kids...can't even think about sex or chemistry.

  2. i dont think its that. they have pretty well behaved kids and things seem under control. maybe they just hide it really well.

  3. that girl- i must be really dating myself. i guess its an old school term for some wild and crazy stuff in the bedroom.