Sunday, October 18, 2009

i kind of get it now

good romance is in short supply. just like money and jobs in the horrible economy-a good man is nearly impossible to find. i keep coming across the weird ones. my gay best friend(gbf)says that the majority of people are emotionally unhealthy jerks and the process of dating is an arduous task just to weed out all the shitheads and find right guy for you. he speaks from experience. we have been friends for years and i watched him suffer through many bad relationships until he found THE GUY. its quite a conflict when you are lds and one of the best examples of a good relationship is a gay couple. more on that in another post to come soon.
i never understood when people were willing to have sex with someone just to have a breathing body lying next to them for a night or get married for the companionship. or settle for a loveless marriage for security. opportunities for all of these things have presented themselves throughout my life. some of them in the last day or two. i have never come close to doing any of these things, but the difference is that in the past i stood i judgment. it was easy to just say no and i could not get why anyone would sell out for a weak substitute for the real thing. eternal true love. i kind of get it now. i dont judge anymore. happiness is hard work and sometimes you just need a break. and maybe there is a mr right for now who can provide that break while you are waiting for prince charming. or maybe you are sick of waiting and decide to stick with mr right for now and end up living a lovely, content life. doesnt sound too bad.

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