Sunday, October 4, 2009

mr jack mormon

i kind of just dismissed mr jack mormon. after our 3rd date and his unwillingness to answer a few basic questions, i just figured he was playing games. i dont have the time, strength or energy for games. i hate to get all business like when it comes to dating(its supposed to be fun, right?), but after 3 or 4 dates, you KNOW whether or not if it could go anywhere. the thing with mjm, is that i really think it could go somewhere as far as our personalities, sense of humor, and general compatibility. the main thing that makes us undo-able is his stance of the LOC. he thinks its ridiculous. another thing is his ambivalence regarding the church. i really dont need or want and uber righteous peter priesthood type, but i dont want to be dragging someone to church either. this is so aggravating. i hate to be a quitter, but i think its time to reinstate the hiatus. i am committed to attending a singles function at the end of the month. i will actually have a job to do, so maybe i can fly under the radar....

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