Monday, October 19, 2009

3 steps forward, 2 steps back

i was gloating a little to myself yesterday because i made it past the hump with mr ex-man. the cycle is broken. no phone calls, texts, or emails. then a friend posts an innocent comment on facebook and it totally reminded me of this . its one of the first videos that mr ex man ever sent me. i had never heard of bens brother and this sweet song was a memorable introduction. so now i am trying to get back from the little trip down memory lane. I HATE THIS. i guess that will teach me to get all high and mighty and think all the memories are erased from my mind and heart. stupid! ok- to end on a positive note...i am still a step ahead, right?


  1. Progress counts. It gets better, but it never goes entirely away.

  2. sigh. i know. BUT i also know from my divorce that all the bad feelings can go away. the pain stops.

  3. It fades, but it still pops up. There will be moments without pain. But, mostly, it fades to the point that you can keep moving on when the pain comes, and then you get to a better space.

    My separation was more than fifteen years ago, and I still have moments of pain from that.