Friday, October 30, 2009

crammin before the famine

a little back story: just like every other part of the country, the area i live in has been hit by the economic crisis. so many people in my ward have been laid off. a lot of them owned their own businesses such as carpet cleaning, pest control, or landscaping and just could not keep their heads above water, so they joined the millions looking for work. one elder in our ward decided to join the military. i think its a little unusual for a 30-something guy with a wife and 4 kids to enlist, but it could make sense too. regular, dependable paycheck, great medical coverage, and travel benefits. ANYWAY...they had called our rs president and arranged for her to stop by to drop off some paperwork. when she got there and rang the bell, no one answered. she waited a few minutes and rang the door bell again, but still no answer. it seemed odd since they had made the arrangements earlier that day, but she put the envelope under the mat and went on her way. within the hour, she got a call from the sister, apologizing profusely for not answering the door. our rs president told her not to worry about it and to look under the door mat for the envelope. the sister kept apologizing and then said, "hes been so frisky lately, you know.....crammin before the famine." this sister is not a particularly prudish woman, but to think she felt the need to explain that her husband was trying to get in as much sex as he possibly could before he left for basic training was hilarious to me. sweet, but still hilarious.
ps-who says "frisky" anymore?
pps-guess thats better than telling your rs president your husband is "horny".

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  1. Definitely a little odd... almost like she's bragging!