Saturday, October 10, 2009


pictures, emails, cards, and whatever else you might find significant from your relationships-do you hang on to them? in general, i think most girls hang on to lots of stuff where guys probably either dont keep it in the first place or ditch it as soon as she is out the door. i am a little unusual in this area-i like to get rid of just about everything. the only pictures i have of my ex husband are shots that were already in an album and would ruin the page if i removed them. i have one portrait of me in my wedding dress. alone. all his letters and cards hit the dumpster as i came across them. as far as mr ex-man.... getting rid of his memory was more difficult. i started with deleting all his pictures. then i started getting rid of emails and text conversations i had saved. the final thing to go was a small box of things from our first weekend together. i had dried the flowers he sent for my birthday and kept them in the original vase(i know, us girls are crazy that way.)when i finally KNEW that i was done, i threw that box and its contents in the trash can. it was hard, but i dont regret it. i dont like carrying that literal or emotional baggage around. in my last conversation with mr ex-man i asked him to delete all my pictures and get rid of anything else to do with me. i just didnt want it out there anymore. he refused. maybe he had already dumped it all and was just being belligerent, but i hate the possibility of that stuff being out there.


  1. I get rid of stuff when the next relationship gets serious. I'll hold on to my wedding keepsakes for my daughter. I've never purged the photo albums though. That seems too much like tearing pages out of a journal.

  2. Hey, I think my comment worked (pending approval). It seems that I can comment using IE Explorer, but not Firefox. Go figure.

  3. that is so weird. i use firefox as well, but dont have problems commenting on other blogs. mmmmm. something is amiss! thanks for your comments. i love reading your blog! i have attempted to comment many times, but it would never go through. thats why i finally just wrote that post. :)