Friday, October 16, 2009

seriously people!

just tell me, am i just an idiot? the lone sucker that still thinks no sex before marriage is the right thing to do? i am so irritated right now. mr jack mormon not only asked me to have sex with him, i think he ruined at least two posts i was going to write ABOUT him. he told me that he honestly thought i would change my mind. WHAT THE F....? change my mind? are you serious? we never even kissed! so....lets say i WAS a sex before marriage kind of girl. i wouldnt be THAT kind of girl-you know, the booty call kind of girl. he literally asked me to hook up with him last night at about 9 o clock. mr jack mormon is a JACK ASS.


  1. I can't imagine anyone who understands the gospel who thinks sex outside of marriage is OK. Your on the right track. Hope someone decent comes your way soon.