Thursday, October 1, 2009

forgotten rm #3!!

ah ha! There was a third rm! driving home last night, INXS "need you tonight" came on the radio and it totally put me in the way back machine to when i briefly dated rm#3(the forgotten rm) anyway.... the forgotten rm was a high school friend who moved into my ward when i was a sophmore. funny,smart, and not even a little bit nerdy(or a complete jerk like the other guys in my ward). i was dating tgws and frm started dating another girl in my mia maid class. their relationship was intense from the beginning with constant breaking up and making up, typical high school stuff with some major drama thrown in for good measure. stuff like drug arrests and church discipline. shortly after high school frm and tgws were really getting into a lot of trouble. one time in particular was when i was broken up with tgws and he and frm(not even close to getting his life together to serve a mission)drove around our town looking for me while i was out on a date. they found me and made complete asses of themselves. i cannot tell you how angry i was-livid doesnt even touch it. i wouldnt speak to either one of them for months. tgws finally worked his way back in after some herculean tasks were completed on his part, but i would not even talk about frm-even when i heard he was finally going on his mission. once out in the field he began writing me, asking for my forgiveness(what they had done was crazy and embarassing and dangerous. it was huge), but i just threw the letters away. i was still seeing tgws off and on and the hypocricy of forgiving him and not frm was not completely lost on me. i finally got a letter from frm telling me that he was asking me for the last time to please forgive him and that he would not be writing again. he also pointed out the craziness of forgiving tgws and not him. he was right and i finally just let it all go and forgave. i wrote him throughout the last year of his mission. always a rebel, he would call me sometimes and we would talk for hours on the phone. when he heard i was going to have a layover in the city he was serving in, he(along with his companion) met me at the airport ang hung out while i waited for my connecting flight. 20 years later i am still embarassed to admit such a breach of protocol! as it got closer to the time for him to come home, he started talking openly about dating and even the possibility of getting married in the temple. "whisking you off to the celestial kingdom" was his way of putting it. i was there at the airport when he returned(back in the day before 9/11 and the changes for missionary homecomings)and for his homecoming talk. we went out a few times and we made out once. he had taken me back to his place(attic apartment at his grandma's)after one of our dates and we made out for a while. it threw me a little when he said "tgws was right, you are an AMAZING kisser." i was kind of flattered, but a little weirded out all at the same time. we fell asleep and when i woke up i was on his bed and he was crashed out on the floor. we never went out again, but remained friends. when i got engaged to msof, he tried to set me up with one of his rm buddies, but that never panned out. about six months after i married msof,i got his wedding invitation. he married another girl we went all hung out with in high school(and was dating another guy in our group). they got married on april fools day. so appropriate for so many reasons that i didnt mention here. so thats the forgotten rm. a total of 3.

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