Saturday, October 31, 2009

more halloween celebration

i am really not one to go crazy over halloween. the extent of my costume is usually a grey t-shirt that says "miss witch" on the front of it. i bought it at target for five bucks about ten years ago. how is that for mormon frugality? worn once a year,that shirt will make it to the second coming. this year has been very different. as you know, i dressed up last weekend to go to the single adult party. friday night i dressed up with the rest of the rs presidency for the ward party, and last night was the encore presentation of my robert palmer girl costume for a birthday party i am going to. its exhausting! i mean, i am a fun girl, but COME ON!

halloween marks gbf's(gay best friend)birthday. despite many gay stereo types, gbf never dresses up for the holiday. this year was different. he decided to really glam it up and dressed up as lady gaga . he got his makeup(including fake eyelashes)done at the mac counter and pulled together a FAB-U-LOUS outfit that included a fur vest. since it was his 40th birthday, he wanted to go retro, so we went roller skating. no one got my robert palmer(despite how HOT it was)costume, but EVERYONE got the lady gaga outfit. it was a blast. funny how some things, like roller rinks,never change. it had been over 20 years since i had been skating, but nothing had changed. well,me. i have changed. and the video games. better video games.


  1. Sounds like a blast! Way to support your friend!

  2. Surely it was a better time than the singles dance! I turned down an invite from a gay friend to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show the night before Halloween 'cause getting all dressed up this year sounded like too much work. I need one of those t-shirts like you've got.

  3. i got it at target. i dont know if they do it anymore, but every holiday they used to come out with 5 dollar shirts. valentines, st patricks, etc. cheap and easy. kind of like the guys want us to be. lol. i know, bad joke.
    my gbf bd party was WAY more fun. love that guy.