Tuesday, October 20, 2009


forgive the frequent walks down memory lane. music really throws me in the way back machine. the first guy i dated after my divorce(no cute nickname for him) used to sing this to me. this and "you are my sunshine". too bad he was an alcoholic frat boy(several years younger than me...this "cougar" thing keeps popping up, doesnt it?)that hasnt settled down to this day(11 years later). he was soooo cute and had the BEST southern accent that just made my knees weak. southern accents and irish brogues just do it for me. knowing that jake and calvin served in ireland makes me raise my well groomed eyebrows and my blue eyes sparkle.

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  1. ha ha. Accents... they are truely the best. I love British and Austrailian.... mmmmm.

    And it's the same with boys. I had to talk with a British accent all summer.... Perhaps, I could get more boys if I talked with one all of the time. Interesting thought....