Friday, October 23, 2009

opening presents

i was having a discussion on modesty with a man i have known most of my life. i will probably give the background story on him in another post, but i just need to get to the oddness of a comment he made to me. he said, "there is nothing more alluring than a modestly dressed woman. its like opening a beautifully wrapped present at Christmas time". is it just me? i thought it was a strange thing to say. i like when men can look at a woman who is dressed modestly and find her not only attractive, but sexy. i just thought his comment was so weird. i think part of it is because i think he is in the closet and maybe the attempts at commenting on the attractiveness of a woman rings false to me.

1 comment:

  1. aside from the fact that he may be "in the closet" i think he might be right. a woman who looks sexy but still dresses modestly...that's a gift that she possesses. it's an artform. few women can do it.