Sunday, October 18, 2009

sunday naps

i am a late bloomer when it comes to the whole napping thing. its just been the last few years that i actually look forward to a nap after church. get home, a little lunch, and then go to bed. i like to put a movie on or maybe some music and just doze a little. sunday naps are always better with someone. mr ex man and i enjoyed a few naps. its nice to spoon with someone in front of a movie and just drift off to sleep in their arms. sigh. just thinking about this stuff as i am laying in bed with my laptop looking for a movie to watch.


  1. ah, i have always been a napper. but not until i had children did i realize that a 2 hr nap (just like their naps) might be neccessary whenever possible.

  2. Hi there! I saw that someone from your blog came to visit mine, so I thought I'd come by to say hi. I love your blog and your honesty. I'll be back and thank you for having me on your blog roll!

  3. i love your blog too! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.