Friday, July 16, 2010


in the past week i have gotten texts from mr jack mormon, tall guy with sunglasses, and mr great white north. of all three of those guys, who do you think pissed me off the most? MR GREAT WHITE NORTH. why? you might ask. well i will tell you why. despite the fact that i had the least emotional involvement with him, he was the one who gave the speech(more than once) about how cool i was and how great our connection seemed to be and he would be remiss if he just didnt pursue this and see where it went. then he said i think we should just be friends. asshole.
i told you the mr jack mormon story. after 6 months he calls and asks if i want to go to dinner. i would have went(might have been dumb), but the timing was off. probably for the best because the text conversations went the same way they always do. him asking me for sex and then giving me a hard time when i turn him down.
i cannot remember the last time i have spoken with tgws. we text occasionally. stuff like "merry Christmas" and "how are you?" a few times a year. i was kind of surprised when i saw a missed call from him on my cell phone. i called him back and he joked around with me for a bit and i teased him about why he called.his tone immediately changed from goofy to serious. and i knew. then he told me that his mother had died suddenly. he was devastated and i felt horrible for him. i have no problem with him calling, just found it odd that after his siblings, i was the first person he called.
i have broken up with all of these men. not just the nice "mutual" break ups. big ugly, major parting of the ways-ok, maybe not mr great white north, but that one really pissed me off. am i clueless or is this unusual behavior?
i am glad i spoke to tgws, but regret not just ignoring mr jack mormon. i am glad ignored mr great white north. ignoring is so hard for me to do because i really think it is a crappy way to treat someone. tell them you dont want to talk to them. explain why if necessary, but dont ignore. its cruel, in my opinion. i know i hate to be ignored, but i ignored mr great white north and i am GLAD i did it.
my life is weird.


  1. Maybe you are just attracted to drama. Ha ha. So now that his mother is out of the picture, he can find a new woman to obsess over. And that new woman could be YOU! As for mr great white north, as I recall he pulled the boob grab in the makeout session in his truck and when you shut him down, he said you guys just didn't have any chemistry. Know what would be funny with that one? Rigging some sort of alarm system in your bra so that when he goes in for the boob grab, it shocks him or an alarm goes off with sirens and stuff. Weird, but very funny.

  2. it is not the first time i have considered that. what is wrong with me? what am i doing to attract this stuff? gbf says i am not doing anything, its just the world and the majority of people are just dysfunctional assholes and you just have to weed them out to find the needle in the haystack.
    mr great white north was not the boob groping guy, he is the one who is 50-something and lives in canada.
    the alarm system bra would be funny. as the siren is sounding you hear "step away from the boob, step away from the boob." lol. hilarious.
    that would be a funny youtube video.

  3. I am getting your ex boyfriends mixed up. Who's the one you dedicated a song to recently. What happened there?

  4. mr ex man is the guy i dedicated "un do it" by carried underwood to. i met him on a lds dating site and i thought he was my perfect guy, that Heavenly Father created him just for me. the euphoria did not last long. i think i am going to write a post and summarize all the big relationships.