Saturday, July 31, 2010

day 12

12. whatever tickles your fancy.

breakfast out. i went out to breakfast with friends this morning and it was so yummy. we went to a little local place that has a really good, original menu. i got the "down south". two biscuits, sausage, eggs over easy, all smothered with gravy. i barely made it through half of it, but it was GOOD. i probably wont need to eat for 2 days. definitely stick to your ribs fare.
anyone else love breakfast out? whats your favorite?


  1. pancakes. I made myself chocolate chip pancakes this am. Yummo

  2. i love pancakes,but have never been a fan of choc chip pancakes. not sure why. i think part of it is that i love syrup and the chocolate plus the syrup is just too sweet.
    one of my friends had vanilla cinnamon pancakes.i kept meaning to ask for a bite, but forgot. they smelled divine.
    having fun with the 30 days of me. thanks for the idea. :)